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Baby Watch (Quanta)


1Human Motion Detection to indicate and let you know when your family members arrive home

2Two Way Communication helps you communicate and keep a tab on them even while you are away

3Alarm Control to raise a signal when you spot any unfamiliar activity while you are out

4H.264 Video Recording

5Smartphone and Laptop CompatibilityCompatibility

6Simple and easy to install meaning, you can Plug and Play at your preferred location

OFFER PRICE Rs. 9,990.00

With Baby Watch, the safety of your child in your hands

As a parent, you don’t want to leave your child alone even for a minute. We understand that.

Zicom shares your concern and promises to give more power to you with Baby Watch. We assure to help you leave your baby in total care while you are away at work. The Baby Watch creates a safe atmosphere for your baby and babysits for you. It helps you get over the dilemma of staying home with your kid or leaving to work by allowing you to watch, talk and stay in touch with your baby even while at work. Monitor any suspicious activity which can harm the security of your child as Baby Watch pushes a live video feed to your mobile in case of any movement.

Now you need not worry about leaving your baby with someone else.Take control of your child's security and let nothing come between you and your baby.