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About Zicom Aadhar Verification Service

Why is it that our personal safety is left to the mercy of a security guard?
How is it that our housing societies and our loved ones have a single watchman to take care of them in our absence?
How many times do such rogues escape unscathed before you open your eyes?

For the first time ever in India, the service that will help to quickly verify and identify the details of the person entering the premises for short term/ long term domestic service will be using the Aadhaar Card number and finger print impression. This service is offered with Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which will provide authentic data that will help to restrict trespassers entering your premises.

Why is AVS required for Housing Societies?
With rising crime rates, it is important to authenticate correct credentials before letting people enter the premises. UIDAI facilitated Aadhaar verification, which is the country’s finest innovation to establish anybody’s credential, now can be leveraged further. This is a platform through which a person could check outsourced personal details with just a finger print impression and by entering Aadhaar card number. Our easy-to-use service can be installed in tablet / desktop and will prove to be a boon for millions of people as it will help them prevent unfortunate incidence.

Two Types of AVS kit

1. Starter Kit
2. Advanced Kit

Desktop based service

  • 1 STQC Certified Single finger print scanner
  • 2 UIDAI Approved authentication device of Aadhar
  • 3 Fast scanning and matching speed
  • 4 Real life applications- No problem in verifying smeared, scarred, stained and smudged fingers.
  • 5 Adjustable image magnification option for children
  • 6 Successfully deployed in very harsh conditions in remotest corners.
  • 7 Suitably protected against dust and water ingress.

Tab based service with finger print scanner

  • 1 UIDAI Approved authentication device of Aadhar
  • 2 Fast scanning and matching speed
  • 3 Tab based with finger print scanner
  • 4 Successfully deployed in very harsh conditions in remotest corners

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