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Irrespective of whether you are born and brought up in this city, or have started calling it home of late, it is something that is close to your heart. Now imagine this beloved city being stripped of its glory, all because of a few criminals. It hurts, right?

How many times do such rogues escape unscathed before you open your eyes? Now it’s time to ensure you do not let this happen. Keep your neighbourhood safe with the Make Your City Safe initiative. Get an electronic surveillance system that puts a stop to all this, at minimal or no investment. Stand up and be counted for your city.

MYCS Benefits

The Hardware & Software cost is on Zicom - You just have to pay only for the Services.

No Annual Maintenance Contract It is us who maintain the CCTV system and also take care of Repairs and Replacements.

No Worries About Functioning Of The System Zicom assures you that the system will function 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

No Confusion On What Is Best For You - Free Security Assessment by Experts that help you choose the right security solution.

No Financial Burden - Easy Monthly Payment option that doesnt need your society to block any funds for buying CCTV system.

Always Accessible - 24 x 7 Technical/After Sales Support enables you to stay connected.

Currently we are making following cities safe

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  • Entrance
  • Playground
  • Corridor
  • Parking Zone
  • Lobby & lift area
  • Perimeter

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