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You don’t need to be a billionaire to have a Personal Guard around you 24 x 7. Get a Personal Safety Service protecting you at all times with Ziman

24x7 Assistance during Emergency

Auto Answer of Command Centre Call on Victim’s Cell Phone

Safe in 5 seconds

Identify Victim’s Location

Pressing the Power button of your phone
5 times in quick succession

Tapping the logo on the software


Ziman has amazing features you can count on

  • Personal Safety
    • Quick trigger with safety button for emergency assistance
    • SMS to 3 emergency contacts on alert
    • Emergency Maps
    • Records forensic evidence in threat situations
    • Safe Connect - Tracking (Handset 2 Handset& Wearable )
    • 24x7 Safety Officer’s emergency assistance
    • 24x7 Command Centre Support
  • Digital Safety
    • Protect identity theft /leakage of personal details
    • Stops spyware, malware and phishing
    • Real time scanning against anti virus
    • Fully loaded internet security for online working
  • Handset Safety
    • Delete personal data in lost mobile phone to stop misuse
    • Track your lost mobile phone
    • Create back up of your contacts and SMS to avoid loss
    • Remote Lock. Protects un-authorized access to lost mobile phone
    • Checks the security level of all installed Apps
    • Protects the lost mobile phone from factory re-set /formatting
    • Immediate intimation when a new SIM is inserted in stolen handset
    • Captures image of the intruder who tries to unlock your device
  • Kids, Pets and Senior Citizen Safety
    • Tracking of kids when they go out of home
    • Monitoring of Senior Citizens when they are out of home
    • Quick trigger safety button for medical emergencies
    • Restricts access to apps and unwanted websites on mobile phone
    • Geo fencing your kids for better safety
  • AADHAAR Safety
    • Do instant AADHAAR verification of house help , driver, etc
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