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Conventional Main Panels


1The main panel is the heart of the system and receives information from the sensors designed to detect changes associated with fire monitors and their operational integrity and provides for automatic control of equipment. Suitable for small commercial, institutional and industrial occupancies, a slim-lin design and a neutral beige exterior colour offers an unobtruseive appearance to complement any interior.

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The Main Control Panel is the face of the system. All the detectors are connected to the panel via wired loops. The looping is such that if any detectors fault out - the main panel will give out a short signal. This enables one to know immediately when the Fire Alarm System is not functioning correctly.

Power Supply: AC / DC Input Supply:220V AC, 50 Hz / 24V DC220V AC, 50 Hz / 24V DC
Operating Conditions:-10°C to 45°C, 95% RH Max-10°C to 45°C, 95% RH Max
Operating Voltage:24V DC24V DC
Normal Loop Voltage:20.7 DC20.7 DC
Short Circuit Threshold Current:40 mA40 mA
Open Threshold Current:4.2 mA4.2 mA
Standby Threshold Current (EOL Current + Detector’s Current):8.2 mA8.2 mA
Alarm Current:20 - 35 mA20 - 35 mA
Quiescent Current:60 mA70 mA
Colour of the Panel:Broken WhiteBroken White
350 x 250 x 100350 x 250 x 100
Approximate Weight:4 kgs4 kgs
Common Hooter Output:24V @ 1A24V @ 1A
Output:Fire, Fault Relay Contacts (30V AC / DC @ 2A contact)Fire, Fault Relay Contacts (30V AC / DC @ 2A contact)

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