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Brochure Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Fire is obviously dangerous when it goes out of control. It can result in your fatal damage to life and property while disrupting your business. There are times when you might not be able to detect smoke which could lead to a fire. However, Zicom’s Fire Alarm Monitoring Services will detect the smoke much before it leads to a fire breakout. A mix of actionable data and latest technology help prevent the threat well before it causes trouble.


Learn in detail how Zicom’s systems go about their business of providing protection to your premises.

  • 1

    Minimal or no investment and management required

  • 2

    24x7 Emergency Response Service in case a fire breaks out

  • 3

    Instant SMS alerts provided via Remote Alarm Management in the initial stages of fire to minimize losses

  • 4

    Daily health check of the system to ensure round the clock functioning

  • 5

    Pro-active prevention of loss of life and property

  • 6

    Services managed 24x7 by Zicom Command Centre (ZCC)

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