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Smoke Detector


1Instant detection and Immediate response

2Connected to ZCC via Main Panel for spontaneous threat resolution

3Modern, ultra low-profile designing

4Innovative retention mechanism

5Compatible with 12 VDC or 24 VDC systems

6Suited with Dual color LED

It is difficult to predict when things can go wrong and hence is very important that you are equipped to meet these incidents. Your Zicom Smoke Detector is configured to detect smoke from any short circuit or any other negligence causing fire.

It has a built-in, dual sensor heat and fire detector with High/Low sensitivity indication giving you the sophistication of the new-age technology. In case of any such incident, an alert is immediately sent to our 24/7 Zicom Command Center (if availed). The promptness of our process will have our representatives follow the protocol and call for help at the earliest.