Out of home,
but not out of sight.

Giving you an extra feeling of security, feel rest assured with Ziman's efficient safety tracking feature that allows you to monitor children, ageing parents, and pets in real time on a map via the app.

Also a quick trigger safety button can send information through SMS to 3 pre-saved registered mobile numbers of families/friends, informing them about your location.

Take charge and inform your loved ones.

The secret of ultimate safety is never panic.

Ace your personal and social safety by being aware of your surroundings with Ziman's Emergency Maps.

Raising the bar of safety services, the app brings you easy access of locating nearby available emergency services like hospitals, police stations, fire stations and others.

Let your friends know.

Overcome the next handset or digital data attack with our one app army.

Threats to your handset security are not always easy to see, and having a wealth of information - personal and otherwise - in your device makes your handset a target.

That's where Ziman and Zicom Command Centre (ZCC) comes to play by tracking your lost mobile device, capturing images of intruders who try to unlock your lost mobile device, enabling a remote lock to unauthorize access to lost devices or a remote personal data deletion, backing up contacts/SMS and intimating about a new SIM card being used in the stolen handset device.

Additionally, we empower you to identify any personal data theft happening online and prevent spyware, malware and phishing too. Quite a winning combination, for an all rounder personal safety app!

Stay guarded, text a friend.

Inside our security surveillance powerhouse, and how we never let you down.

With our two-decade long expertise in security surveillance and spread across 1100 cities/towns in India, we house the country's biggest data centre in Mumbai called Zicom Command Centre (ZCC).

Our command centre's ability to track every user 24/7 in real time enables us to provide you with quick response management for all your emergencies with greater efficiency and authentication.

Tick off your safety checklist,
SMS a friend.

  • "My sister was waiting for her train to arrive when some boys standing on the platform were eve teasing her. She triggered Ziman and they were arrested. Now even I have downloaded the app."

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  • "I work in a media agency and we have no fixed timings. Most times I go home very late. Earlier I used to get scared when I would travel late but since the time I have downloaded Ziman, me and most importantly my parents feel very relaxed."

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  • "After downloading Ziman I saw the option of gifting it so I have gave it to my sister. Ziman has come handy to my sister once when she was coming back late by autorickshaw and the rickshawala took her from an unknown route but because of the app I could track her and call the cops. Big thanks to Ziman."

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