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e-Alert For Corporates


1Open & Close Time Reporting Via instant SMSalerts

2Holiday Opening instant alert

3Effective & Personalized Reporting

4Monthly Reports

5Daily/Weekly -Open/Close

6SMS-On Multiple numbers with details

7E-Notifications | Video notifications & Web Access

824x7 Emergency Response Service

9 Alarm Signals Monitoring Via Fixed Wired Telephone Lines or Gsm

OFFER PRICE Rs. 6,742.00

e-Alert for Corporates -
SMB/SME/Enterprise (Facility or area > than 2000 sq feet)

There are several benefits to having Zicom Command Centre monitoring your home or business. The biggest reason is the added protection it has. Having your alarm system monitored is like having someone standing guard around your premises at all times. Whenever the alarm is tripped, swift action is taken to figure out what trip the alarm, as well as calling the proper authorities to solve the problem.

  1. Security system monitoring makes your home or business three to four times less likely to be burglarized. Why take the chance of not having security system monitoring?
  2. Security system monitoring offers peace of mind because it never takes a day off. Someone will always be watching over you and your home, family and business.

  3. Zicom has over 18 years experience in installation, service and monitoring of security systems. Clients include the Banks, Corporates, Residentials, ATMs and many more.

  4. Zicom Alarm Systems have different systems which monitor fire, intruders, Gas.

Service Features:
  1. Open & Close Time Reporting Via instant SMS alerts.
  2. Holiday Opening instant alert.
  3. Effective & Personalized Reporting.
  4. Monthly Reports.
  5. Daily/Weekly -Open/Close.
  6. SMS-On Multiple numbers with details (Site No,Name & Sensor Location).
  7. E-Notifications - Email alerting with Specific Alerts like Open/Close.
  8. Video Verification:-Alarm Verification with Live & recorded Videos.(*Network DVR or IP Camera required)
  9. Web Access: Check current Armed/Disarmed state, View Alarm Activity Log, View & Update Emergency Contacts.

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