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CCTV Surveillance Kit


1Keep Watch on Employees in your Office

2View recording on your Cell Phone or Tablet

3Recording retrieval with date and time

4Clear visibility in the dark

5Password protected video feeds

6Upto 60 days recording on 2 TB HDD

OFFER PRICE Rs. 14,990.00

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Thanks to the recent rise in crime happenings, safety is now at stake. With thefts, murders and snatchings happening round the clock almost in every nook and corner, it becomes hard for us to keep watch on your business premise. While the need to prioritize safety is on one hand, the responsibility to choose the right security measure dominates our need. Zicom’s CCTV Surveillance Kit brings you the power to have complete video security for your Business and offers complete value for money for your security investment.

The CCTV works 24/7 with an objective to curb any occurrence of crime within your premise. In case of any break-ins the sharp footages allow you to monitor the video, initiate a quicker response; deter the criminal at work and stop a crime happening. The CCTV also proves useful in monitoring everyday activities in the workplace. This added advantage assists you to keep a tab on your employees, housekeeping, and other visitors.Take no chance when it comes to safety. An extra layer of protection could keep your business safe from crime.