Make Your City Safe – The Next Step

Zicom has always been dedicated towards providing one of the most basic human needs – security. With the Make Your City Safe (MYCS) Initiative being extended to multiple cities throughout India, Zicom is materializing its vision of securing the entire country through its intellect and expertise. The MYCS Initiative primarily targets residential buildings, which are the most prone to security issues. With over 4500 buildings coming under the MYCS banner, Zicom looks forward to a safer, better urban lifestyle becoming a reality.

Zicom now plans to take another step towards enhancing safety measures and spreading the MYCS Initiative. As per a recent regulation by the Maharashtra Government, it has become compulsory for residential areas to get audited for security on a regular basis. Now, when it comes to successfully securing buildings and commercial establishments, technology can provide a host of advantages. In today’s world, technology has become a dependable helping hand. Devices like door phones, CCTVs, fire alarms, etc. aid the process of totally securing oneself from unforeseen circumstances.

Living in a metropolitan city means living among millions. As the e-commerce industry is booming, getting things delivered at home has never been easier. But, we never really know the person who comes down to deliver your goods. How can one be sure that the delivery person has good intentions or not? Even when we get those cravings for a late-night pizza, the delivery person who comes during the wee hours may not always have the best intentions on his mind. On an average, 200-300 strangers enter your building every day for various reasons. These people include delivery boys, maids, and other visitors as well. It can be next to impossible to monitor each of these people, as even security guards are humans after all.

As a solution to this challenging situation, Zicom has come up with an innovative technique in order to take out this insecurity from people’s minds. Taking another step under the MYCS Initiative, Zicom now aims to install biometric monitoring machines to verify the identity of such people. All that the building needs to do is obtain the concerned person’s Aadhaar Card Number, and match it with their fingerprints. Once that is done, the building would get a record of not only the person’s entry time and exit time, but also their complete background. In such a case, no one would attempt any wrongdoings, as all their data is with the building as well as Zicom.

Under the MYCS Initiative, the whole security apparatus is provided free of cost, and buildings are charged as per the service model, where they pay only for the facilities provided. Zicom aims to provide the biometric Aadhaar Verification for free under the MYCS banner.

With this step, Zicom aims to not only ensure the physical safety of people, but also provide them with a feeling of security in their minds. A secure person leads a happier, healthier life, and that’s where Zicom comes in – to create a safer, happier country for all to live in.

Make your city safe- A Zicom SaaS initiative