Management Lessons From Chak De! India

Most people around me know that I always make it a point to enjoy a good film every once in a while. However, movies are not just a source of unwinding and entertainment for me – films are also a mode of learning for me, through which I gain valuable management-based lessons that can be incorporated in the corporate world and my daily life in general. One such movie is ‘Chak De! India’ that released in 2007.

Most of you would be aware of the plot of the film; for those who don’t, it is a movie about an ex Indian Hockey Team Captain who coaches the Indian Women’s Hockey Team to victory in the World Cup, while also clearing some allegations made against him in the past. While the movie does leave the viewer on the edge of their seats, there are various management lessons I learnt from the movie which I would like to share with you all.

Nothing Is Impossible

Everyone in the movie, including the team members themselves, consider that winning the World Cup is impossible, but under Kabir Khan’s leadership, they emerge victorious. The lesson here is that one has to get over all preconceived notions about the journey and its outcome, and continue working hard towards their goals. If one works hard and smart towards something they really want, it is achievable.

Work As A Team

While each individual may have their own set of unique skills to offer, teamwork is essential for progress. When a perfect amalgamation of various skills is achieved, the sky is the limit. The above being said, it is also important to delegate properly. In the movie, Kabir Khan is easily able to figure out which team member is best at which task, and places the team on the field accordingly to attain maximum output. Similarly, if a person with an inclination towards marketing is asked to do accounts-based jobs, s/he would not be able to deliver with the same level of efficiency and accuracy.

Be A Leader, Not A Boss

Seniority comes with a lot of responsibility, and it is essential to put it to the best use. A boss orders his subordinates to work, but a true leader works hand-in-hand with his subordinates. Kabir Khan not only leads the team to victory, but also helps the women overcome their fears and weaknesses in the process. A leader does not just focus on getting the work done; s/he also focuses on long-term development.

Challenges Are Opportunities

In the film, Kabir Khan, an ex-Captain with a tarnished image, was selected as the coach since the board had no faith in the Women’s Hockey Team. He took up this challenge and turned it into an opportunity by leading the team to victory, while also restoring his image in front of the people who hated him. Opportunities keep coming to us in the guise of challenges – how we look at them depends on our perspective. So, the next time you’re faced with a challenge, you know what to do!

Stay Focused And Committed

While facing a challenge, there are a lot of odds that come our way. In the film, Kabir Khan faces many hurdles that come between him and his goal. It is due to sheer will power, focus, and commitment that he stays put and finishes what he started. It is important to stay determined, no matter what life throws at you. Once a person is firm on his resolve, nothing can stop him from achieving his desires.

Movies are much more than entertainment and I continue to draw management lessons from every good film I manage to watch. I hope you all begin seeing movies in a whole new perspective as well, for it has always been said that movies are a reflection of real life.

Youth – The Torch-Bearers Of Our Legacy

In today’s world, it is interesting to observe a change in the way people perceive children. Once the lowest common denominator of all products and services, they are now at the forefront of a lot of daily activities. An average child today may possess a lot more knowledge than the average adult knew thirty to forty years ago. Apart from the propagation of knowledge, technology has also helped children develop faster. Our little ones are now out there, setting records, making our nation famous and much more. When I visited the Sakal Schoolympics in Pune, it reminded me of what our younger generation is truly capable of achieving. Seeing those children excelling in various sports was a beautiful sight.

As I reached the venue, what I witnessed was unreal – over 30,000 students from over 400 schools participated in the event. The events involved 21 sports which the children had to partake in, in order to compete. The highly energetic way with which these children went about their activities is truly inspiring. On that day, I actually realized that by being a part of this rat race, we often forget to embrace the child in ourselves. The athletic, mischievous side of ours remains unused and unseen for long periods, and often fades away eventually. It is important for our young ones to not leave that side, and even more important for us to create a world where they don’t have to let go of their younger selves. The day that happens, we will have champions, geniuses, creative maestros, etc. in each and every household.

People often say that India has the potential to create even more champions in global events like the Olympics. At the Sakal Schoolympics, I saw a potential champion in every child there. It is our responsibility to make them realize this potential in them and guide them towards victory. Now, as we create a better world as every generation passes, it is time for us to hand the torch to a younger, brighter generation, that will guide the country to a brighter and prosperous tomorrow.


Music – An Effective Way To Maintain Composure

People often tell me that I am a multifaceted personality. I guess they are right; after all, apart from being the Promoter-Managing Director of Zicom Group, a variety of interests and hobbies help me challenge myself and keep up with the times. Biking, for instance, is one hobby I wholeheartedly pursue, as I have shared with you all earlier. Another activity that I enjoy to partake in is music. Whether it is listening to a few favorite tracks or picking up the microphone to sing a number, music provides me with a different and amazing level of peace and composure.

While there are many genres I love, Old Hindi music never fails to fascinate me and create positive vibes around me. Music from ace composers like R.D. Burman and Laxmikant-Pyarelal has always been evergreen in my eyes, and will always be. Apart from just listening, though, I sometimes prefer to entertain my close ones by singing a song or two. Music-based events have always been one of my favorite kinds, as they keep me engrossed in the impressive skill that I see before me.

Music is much more than an amalgamation of various instruments played together with perfection; it is something that touches your soul. No matter who it is, there is at least one song which successfully touches them deep inside. Music has the power to express what mere words cannot, and that is just one fine aspect of this magical art. I have also performed at certain events myself, and one of the most memorable ones of the lot would be my performance of the song ‘Main Shayar Toh Nahin’ from the film Bobby. Fortunately, I could get my hands on a good video clip of the performance, which I would like to share with you all.


In spite of being able to sing confidently in public, I do not really consider myself to be a perfect performer as of yet. The process of learning never stops and the same applies here. For me, music has always been one of the most effective ways to channel emotions, and most importantly, a very crucial medium to spread love around. So, every time you get a chance to perform, seize it, or you would miss out on a golden opportunity to connect with yourself!