Biking – An Activity That Moves The Soul

When it comes to hobbies, I am a person who has an array of activities to indulge in for recreation. Whether it is watching a good movie or listening to good music, the simpler things in life have always been integral in my cool-down process. If I am asked to pick one activity to get a much-needed break from the corporate jungle, my first choice would be biking. A nice, long bike expedition is what helps me the best in going off the grid and rejuvenating.

Biking has much more to offer me than a journey in a four-wheeler. I personally believe that journeys in four-wheelers move the body, while a nice, long ride on a two-wheeler moves the soul. Being an avid biker, I own a 1600cc Harley Davidson Fat Boy, which I love taking out for long distance expeditions throughout the country. As of now, my proudest expeditions are the ones I took to Goa and the Wagah Border. Contrary to most riders who go for speed and timing, I prefer a nice, slow cruise on whichever path I have chosen to traverse.

Basically, apart from my professional goals, one of my prime goals in life is to explore the entire country on my motorbike. It is true; there is no better way to explore the country than by travelling through the picturesque landscapes it has to offer to all of us. It is not about reaching the destination and planning the return it is about enjoying every minute, every second of the journey and exploring new places, new things and finding yourself in the process.

Apart from being a mode to escape the concrete jungles, biking has a lot more to offer to a rider. On an average biking expedition, one learns better reflexes, living out of their comfort zone and also to experience a journey in a way like never before. You might come across many obstacles on your route, and improved reflexes help you take better action to avoid them. Of course, it is about getting your hands dirty and learning for yourself, but over time, a person can get better control over handling the bike during expeditions.

If asked what biking offers me, I would have a million things to say. But what I majorly get out of biking trips is a chance to de-stress and escape the chaotic corporate life for a few days. Since biking is also about riding alone for long periods of time, I also get a chance to introspect in peace, about everything that is going on and how it can be made better. There is no better place and time to think things through than what you consider as your refuge, your haven.

Biking improves one more aspect of life – brotherhood. You would not be going away on expeditions all alone, right? So, when I go long distance with fellow bikers, a feeling of mutual brotherhood is fostered among all of us. We learn to live with each other, deal with problems collectively and have fun as a whole.

Like I said, biking has a lot to offer to everyone. It is not just about riding a two-wheeler; it’s about indulging in an experience and exploring a new place; it is about feeding your wanderlust and quenching the thirst for finding new things; and ultimately, it is about finding yourself.

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