Covid -19 : Enterprise Security to undergo Sea Change

The lift door opens and Ms. Rhea D’Souza and her boss move together towards the office main door. The boss fling opens the main door and keeps his finger on the Biometric Access Control Time and Attendance Reader to gain entry into the office. Ms. Rhea is now skeptical to keep her finger on the same device. She uses the hand sanitizer kept at the office reception, cleans the biosensor and then registers her biometric attendance. Enter to the new world of  “Zero Trust Security” which may well be the future at most enterprises across India. The complete paradigm of safety and security in offices is all set to change forever.

The war against Covid-19 is a real one, which Corporate India will have to grapple without a choice.  Covid-19 poses some very serious security and safety challenges at our work place. The enemy cannot be seen, its shape and form is not known, it does not get tired, it’s ruthlessly aggressive and worst, it kills. While Covid-19 continues showing its devastating effects,Corporate India will have to work out a strategic plan to combat this menace to keep its environment and people, safe and secure.

Once the lockdown opens, the government is most likely contemplating to make CEO of companies take full responsibility of managing the Covid-19 infection from spreading within their individual enterprises. The current business situation is extremely fluid as every day conditions continue to change, be it guessing how long the lockdown will last, uncertainty of future earnings, lost business scale and size, customers cancelling business contracts or refusing to meet up sometime soon, supply chain issues and the impending fear to go to work.

So what are the security and safety remedies or solutions that enterprises need to embrace to make their workplace insulated against the menace of Coronavirus?

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Contactless Access Control: Face Recognition System integrated with Non-Contact Medical Accuracy Temperature Detection is a next generation access control and attendance terminal. Access control device features include fast and precise Face Recognition, coupled with Non-Contact IR based Wrist Temperature Detection System. Face Mask Detection feature with alarm warning and access restriction to employees and visitors not wearing masks. Non-Contact Wrist Detection with access restriction measuring abnormal body temperature with a 2 degree centigrade+above the normal. A dedicated temperature display system showing real time count of people restricted for high temperature detection with the highest temperature recorded during the day.
  • Body Temperature Screening Thermal Camera: When this thermal camera detects someone into the monitored area, there is a voice alert, “ Kindly go to the measuring point for temperature measurement.” When the body comes near, within 1 metre and 30 degree of the camera field of view, it will measure the temperature within 0.5 seconds, display the temperature on the terminal and send this information if required on the cloud for future reference.
  • Virtual Security Guard: During lockdowns, manpower guarding of premises poses a huge challenge. Plus add to it the cost and efficiency of having expensive security guards for securing business premises. To mitigate this risk, enterprises could opt for Virtual Security Guards for securing their business premises. There is zero human dependency plus it is very cost-effective and reliable. In case of any break ins’, an alarm is triggered in the central monitoring station, video verification is initiated to check the scene of crime, two way audio is used to speak and warn the intruder and raise the siren from the command and control station, after which calls are made to the local police station or the QRT (Quick Response team.) This service is expected to just cost 15 % of the cost of annual manpower services.
  • Video Housekeeping using CCTV Cameras: To check and identify staff and visitors not wearing face masks, gloves, Personal Protection Gears, not maintaining sufficient social distancing, checking hygiene conditions at all the common areas, including all the working desks. Triggers are generated when any violation of the company policies are noticed and reported to the HR department or to the monitoring desk.
  • Employee Productivity Monitoring: With fewer staff, enterprises need to ensure that every employee at the work place is highly productive. With CCTV monitoring using AI algorithm, one keeps a watch on the operations to ensure all the employees are engaged in doing work and not wasting their working hours. Rules can be created using AI tools, wherein any exceptions are reported to the HR Department and to the monitoring desk.
  • De-Sanitization: This is a new compliance, which every enterprise now needs to adhere to. Cleaning and de-contamination of the entire premise, especially entrance gate of the building, canteen, meeting rooms, lifts and equipment, washroom, interior and exterior walls etc. It will also be important to de-sanitize all transport vehicles owned by the company that are commonly used.At the work place to have a hand sanitizer preferably with touch-free mechanism at all entry and exit points.At locations where the number of people entering and exiting the premise is very high, one should consider installing a sanitizing tunnel or chamber which is gaining more and more acceptance with each passing day.
  • Medical Facilities:  Medical Insurance to be made compulsory for all the workers.Hospital and Clinics in the nearby areas which are authorized for Covid-19 testing should be identified and the list to be made available at the work place at all times or with the HR department.
  • Workplace Measures: All employees to wear masksat the work place continuously while maintaining a distance of one meter between two co-workers. Lunch timings need to avoid over-crowding and maintain social distancing. If any worker falls sick, it must be reported to the nearest health authorities. All employees and their families should download the ‘AarogyaSetu’App.

Vigilance will have to become the buzzword in the world post Covid-19. Safety & Security wise, itwill be a relatively new environment that each one of us will have to learn to live and cope with. Health being the first priority, all due measures will have to be taken unfailingly and strict adherence to it, a compulsion for a safe and healthy environment and ultimately for a secure future ahead. The bugle has been sounded, it’s time for enterprise security to undergo a sea change.


Pramoud Rao

Managing Director

Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd.

Aadhaar Verification – The Perfect Solution

Today, we live in a world dominated by uncertainty, unpredictability and total ambiguity. Ideal situations exist only in a hypothetical realm of our thoughts, and the concept of foresight ceases to exist. During these times, our safety has become a very crucial issue to address. Even when it comes to our homes, we do not know how safe we really are, owing to a string of visitors every day. For instance, maids are common visitors to many households, but how do we know that they actually are who they claim to be? The identity verification process can be a long and tedious one, but Zicom had an unparalleled solution to offer.

Zicom SaaS Private Limited officially introduced the Aadhaar Verification Service a few days ago, which enables the user to verify the identity of anyone entering their premises. With this service, a person’s credentials can be determined on the spot through their fingerprints and Aadhaar number. Zicom is registered with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to facilitate this service. Since the Aadhaar system has spearheaded the movement to register everyone’s identities, Zicom sees great potential in the Aadhaar Verification Service, which aims to leverage the Aadhaar system further.

As crime rates continue to rise, it is crucial to authenticate the correct details of people who enter your premises. There can be no scope of human error when it comes to securing millions of people, and this is where technology comes in. The easy-to-use Aadhaar Verification Service can be installed in simple gadgets like laptops and tablets. If someone wishes to enter your premises, they will have to verify their identity via fingerprint or their Aadhaar number at the security booth. If the information provided by the person is correct, then you can keep a track of who enters your building. If the information provided is found to be incorrect, necessary action can be taken against the individual. Through the AVS system, Zicom aims to perfect the security process through cutting-edge technology and smart solutions for all your safety needs.

With this service, Zicom also extends its support to the Digital India Initiative, which aims to transform our country into a digitally empowered society. Through innovative services like the Aadhaar Verification Service, Zicom hopes to encourage the next phase of India’s digital revolution, playing the role of a leader in electronic safety and security.

Awake Always – The Ethos Behind Zicom’s Reinvention

Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to science, views, morals and everything else. One always has to change with the times to adapt to the latest trends, current affairs and requirements. Being in the top hierarchy of a company that offers security technology, I believe that change is an important factor to sustain and succeed in today’s world. But, change does not just come through mere words. Today’s world is not only about believing in a philosophy, but also actively working towards it. It is important to focus more on execution in a country like India, which is very dynamic in nature. We strive for constant change, and it is essential for our philosophy to be action-oriented. Having said that, I would like to present to you Zicom’s new brand motto – Awake Always.

Awake Always is not just about its literal meaning, but also about the foundation that it lies on. The idea is based on five pillars which are in the behavioral DNA of everyone connected to Zicom. These pillars are Fast, Flexible, Fun, Fit and Focused.


Speed is not just about velocity; it is also about reflexes and response. With an active Command Centre and ZIMAN, our emergency response service, it is absolutely necessary for us to be fast while responding and executing delicate situations like rescue operations. However, one should never compromise on quality while taking care of the speed factor – efficiency and productivity should also be maintained.


One thing I have learnt over 22 years in the business is that there is no such thing as predefined situations – they only exist in textbooks. Each situation is unique, and only a unique approach can do justice to it. Flexibility is also about adapting to the changing times – a rigid approach does not allow for change. Therefore, being flexible is a very important attribute which we have incorporated in our lives.


No activity is good without the fun factor in it. I believe that even a person’s job should enable him to have fun when he is at it. Zicom has followed this ideology since the very beginning, and has been a place where fun and career development co-exist in complete peace. To put it in simple words, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


In this context, the word fit has two meanings. Firstly, a brand’s products should fit the consumers’ requirements. Our products cater to people of various ages, with everyone’s requirements being fulfilled successfully. Secondly, we also have a culture which encourages employees to embrace a fit lifestyle. It is simple – a fit body results in a fit mind. Exercise has always been a part of my daily routine, and I also encourage everyone at Zicom to go for a fitter lifestyle.



One should always be focused on their goals. We, at Zicom, make sure that each customer’s distinctive needs are taken care of, while also keeping our eyes on one goal – securing them efficiently and effectively with the best technology at hand.

The transition from Feel Safe to Awake Always is not just a mere reinvention, but also the start of a new journey which has a lot to offer to all of us. With an amazing expedition ahead of us, we are sure that greater heights will be reached through our endeavors.

Make Your City Safe – The Next Step

Zicom has always been dedicated towards providing one of the most basic human needs – security. With the Make Your City Safe (MYCS) Initiative being extended to multiple cities throughout India, Zicom is materializing its vision of securing the entire country through its intellect and expertise. The MYCS Initiative primarily targets residential buildings, which are the most prone to security issues. With over 4500 buildings coming under the MYCS banner, Zicom looks forward to a safer, better urban lifestyle becoming a reality.

Zicom now plans to take another step towards enhancing safety measures and spreading the MYCS Initiative. As per a recent regulation by the Maharashtra Government, it has become compulsory for residential areas to get audited for security on a regular basis. Now, when it comes to successfully securing buildings and commercial establishments, technology can provide a host of advantages. In today’s world, technology has become a dependable helping hand. Devices like door phones, CCTVs, fire alarms, etc. aid the process of totally securing oneself from unforeseen circumstances.

Living in a metropolitan city means living among millions. As the e-commerce industry is booming, getting things delivered at home has never been easier. But, we never really know the person who comes down to deliver your goods. How can one be sure that the delivery person has good intentions or not? Even when we get those cravings for a late-night pizza, the delivery person who comes during the wee hours may not always have the best intentions on his mind. On an average, 200-300 strangers enter your building every day for various reasons. These people include delivery boys, maids, and other visitors as well. It can be next to impossible to monitor each of these people, as even security guards are humans after all.

As a solution to this challenging situation, Zicom has come up with an innovative technique in order to take out this insecurity from people’s minds. Taking another step under the MYCS Initiative, Zicom now aims to install biometric monitoring machines to verify the identity of such people. All that the building needs to do is obtain the concerned person’s Aadhaar Card Number, and match it with their fingerprints. Once that is done, the building would get a record of not only the person’s entry time and exit time, but also their complete background. In such a case, no one would attempt any wrongdoings, as all their data is with the building as well as Zicom.

Under the MYCS Initiative, the whole security apparatus is provided free of cost, and buildings are charged as per the service model, where they pay only for the facilities provided. Zicom aims to provide the biometric Aadhaar Verification for free under the MYCS banner.

With this step, Zicom aims to not only ensure the physical safety of people, but also provide them with a feeling of security in their minds. A secure person leads a happier, healthier life, and that’s where Zicom comes in – to create a safer, happier country for all to live in.

Make your city safe- A Zicom SaaS initiative

Zicom Makes Your City Safe

Living in the urban metropolitan areas is a dream for a lot of people. The lights, the lifestyle and the overall vibe continue to attract millions to the cities for pursuing their dreams. However, with all the glitz and glamour, there are crimes and other negative activities that go on. Being one of the leading security solutions companies in the country, Zicom considers it as its duty to safetyfy the urban areas, making them happier places to live in. It is with this thought in mind, that Zicom launched the Make Your City Safe (MYCS) initiative.

We, at Zicom, believe that irrespective of whether you are born and brought up in a city, or have recently made it your home, it is something which is really close to your heart. But there are many negative entities, due to which the city risks losing all its reputation and glory. Zicom’s MYCS initiative is under execution to prevent all these thieves, rogues and miscreants from acting, so that the city remains a safe, secure and happy haven to live in.

Currently present in the major cities of Maharashtra such as Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Pune, the MYCS initiative is currently under execution in over 4200 buildings, securing the lives and well-being of millions under its watch. With rising success and growing business momentum due to safety concerns, the initiative is all set to expand into cities like Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Nashik and Nagpur through the franchisee model. Through this model, Zicom would solely provide the technology and intellect, while the franchisee will take care of maintenance and monitoring of the devices installed for Safetyfying Lives. The initiative aims to reach over 10,000 buildings by June 2017, securing multiple cities at the same time.

While all the above sounds like a complicated process, it actually isn’t! There are more benefits than you think when it comes to being a part of the MYCS initiative. For starters, the cost for the hardware and software is on Zicom, while you just have to pay for the services. There is no Annual Maintenance Contract required as well, since Zicom takes care of the repairs, replacement and maintenance of all the required technology.

Zicom’s 24/7 Command Center ensures that the cameras and other devices are fully functional, while also keeping an eye out for suspicious activities, 365 days a year. In case you are confused about what you should do and what you really need, it’s now time to avoid all the confusion! Zicom conducts a Free Security Assessment, where Experts help you choose the right security solution for you. Even though all the above seems to be a huge financial setback, Zicom also provides an Easy Monthly Payment option, which will not force your society to block any funds for investing in security. And yes, in case you need to get in touch, Zicom is accessible to you 24/7 through the Technical/After Sales Support teams!

With the MYCS initiative picking up at a rapid rate due to security risks, Zicom aims to be on the forefront, when it comes to securing societies, lives and your happiness. So, let’s all take a step to secure ourselves and our surroundings by being a part of MYCS!

ZIMAN – India’s most Powerful Personal Safety Service

We, at Zicom, have always considered security for everyone as our utmost priority. While our journey to secure everyone began with CCTVs, Fire Monitoring Systems, and much more, a thought always remained – what could we do to secure the common man everywhere he is? It was this question, which made us think and innovate. The result of this vision finally came to fruition through ZIMAN, India’s most Powerful Personal Safety Service, which comes to you in the form of an app!

The ZIMAN app was launched to take a step further in accordance to our motto – ‘Safetyfying Lives’. What was initially conceptualized as an emergency response app evolves into a lot more even today, as new innovations keep coming with passing time. The app is specifically created to provide all-round security to the user during emergencies, and to also help them prevent any issues that may cause harm. When it comes to features, the ZIMAN app comes with an array of features, which completely equip you with everything you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

To begin, ZIMAN boasts a robust tracking device feature. Once the app is installed, it enables you to keep a track of your loved ones’ locations. This not only enables you to know their whereabouts, but also gives you ready information for taking a course of action in case of an emergency.

ZIMAN also boasts a Digital Security feature, which can be used in case of loss or theft of your cell phone. Since our prime concern in such a situation is confidential data falling into the wrong hands, you can contact the Zicom Command Center to get the phone’s data erased remotely! Not just that, but your phone is then also programmed through the app to immediately take a photograph of the person who has got it through the front camera, which is then sent to a mobile number which you provide as an emergency contact during the app’s installation.

Apart from security from the above, Zicom is also concerned about your safety when it comes to the people who you have around you on a daily basis, like a driver, caretaker or a maid. While it is now mandatory to have police verifications done, there still remains an ambiguity about the fact that the person may have a criminal background, or that he might be using a fake identity with intent to cause harm. To counter this problem, ZIMAN comes with a feature called Aadhaar Verification Services. Through this feature, you can input the person’s Aadhar Card credentials into the app, and verify their identity through our Aadhar Card information database. This not only ensures that the person working for you is not faking his/her identity, but also safer surroundings, as you already know about the person’s identity, address and criminal background.

While all the above features may seem to be heavy on your pockets, they are actually not! You can avail for the Safetyfying Lives Service for an economical rate of INR 499, for an entire period of 6 months! And yes, once you are a part of the Zicom community, don’t worry; your security is in the safest hands. So, let’s get together for Safetyfying Lives throughout India with ZIMAN – India’s most Powerful Personal Safety Service.

Secured Lives For A Secured India

Zicom_Unapproved Image_28 June

It is really interesting to see the pace at which the world is changing, especially when it comes to the Indian subcontinent. India has come a long way, when it comes to the economical front. From liberalization of the markets, to various phases of highs and lows – this market has seen it all. It is all about adopting new trends as times keep changing. It was during such times in the 1980s that I was a medical representative. Back then, I could have never imagined that life would have something bigger, something better in store for me.

During Liberalization, consumers got a wide array of choices as buyers. They wanted to spend their hard-earned money on the best products and services. As they kept moving towards a more convenient lifestyle, I took a chance and ventured into the business arena in 1988. My venture specialized in office automation, which basically included devices like cordless phones, copiers, fax machines, etc. which were a big thing back in the day. After six years of successful business, we took a step forward in 1994 and established Zicom, the name which millions know today.

The brand initially specialized in gadgets like mobile phones and modems for over a year. Then, in 1995, Zicom made its move to the security sector, which was a very niche market back then. Through a journey of over 20 years in security and safety, Zicom has rightfully earned its name and status in every household today. The business journey which started off as an investment of a meager INR 2500 is valued at a massive INR 1100 crore today.

In 2007, we expanded our operations beyond Indian borders, and targeted the Middle-Eastern countries. While, in India, we specialize in all-round security, we ventured to these countries’ markets with only our fire fighting systems. Our systems were successfully received by the consumers abroad. As of today, Zicom’s fire fighting systems are set up in significant Middle-Eastern buildings, which include the Dubai International Airport and the globally famous Burj Khalifa.

While this was my professional journey, let me give you a glimpse of the personal side of my life as well. When it comes to my interests, I enjoy studying people by observing their verbal cues, non-verbal cues and their behavior in general. This ability of getting to know people in such a manner has always fascinated me.

I also have a wide array of passions that I pursue. To begin with, I am very particular when it comes to fitness. Regular exercise and a good diet are an important part of my daily life. I also happen to be a bike enthusiast who swears by his Harley Davidson. The rest of my interests are general – I enjoy good movies and great music. My main passion, however, is to make Zicom the global leader in security services.

As we continue to grow further in the industry, Zicom aims to be a company to be reckoned with in the international arena. Our motto can be conveyed through these words – new technology with innovative products and one-stop solutions. I am confident that through our initiatives and advantages, Zicom will carve a strong position for itself in the global business world.