Music – An Effective Way To Maintain Composure

People often tell me that I am a multifaceted personality. I guess they are right; after all, apart from being the Promoter-Managing Director of Zicom Group, a variety of interests and hobbies help me challenge myself and keep up with the times. Biking, for instance, is one hobby I wholeheartedly pursue, as I have shared with you all earlier. Another activity that I enjoy to partake in is music. Whether it is listening to a few favorite tracks or picking up the microphone to sing a number, music provides me with a different and amazing level of peace and composure.

While there are many genres I love, Old Hindi music never fails to fascinate me and create positive vibes around me. Music from ace composers like R.D. Burman and Laxmikant-Pyarelal has always been evergreen in my eyes, and will always be. Apart from just listening, though, I sometimes prefer to entertain my close ones by singing a song or two. Music-based events have always been one of my favorite kinds, as they keep me engrossed in the impressive skill that I see before me.

Music is much more than an amalgamation of various instruments played together with perfection; it is something that touches your soul. No matter who it is, there is at least one song which successfully touches them deep inside. Music has the power to express what mere words cannot, and that is just one fine aspect of this magical art. I have also performed at certain events myself, and one of the most memorable ones of the lot would be my performance of the song ‘Main Shayar Toh Nahin’ from the film Bobby. Fortunately, I could get my hands on a good video clip of the performance, which I would like to share with you all.


In spite of being able to sing confidently in public, I do not really consider myself to be a perfect performer as of yet. The process of learning never stops and the same applies here. For me, music has always been one of the most effective ways to channel emotions, and most importantly, a very crucial medium to spread love around. So, every time you get a chance to perform, seize it, or you would miss out on a golden opportunity to connect with yourself!

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