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Investor Relations

Chairman's Message

Mr. Monohar Bidaye


Dear Shareholders,

This year has been a challenging year for the company. We have undergone several evolutionary changes to pro-actively take on the challenges we are facing. We are confident that these changes will ensure sustainable growth for Zicom Group in the years to come. 

Our surveillance architecture today, starting from ‘ZiWatch’ to ‘Make Your City Safe’ (MYCS) and ‘Ziman’, is present as an unrivalled security offering across India. We are at this avenue today because of the insights we have developed over the past two decades. India has become the second-biggest smartphone market in terms of active unique smartphone users, crossing 220 million users, surpassing the US market, according to a report by Counterpoint Research. We believe this is the ideal time to launch Ziman, your personal superhero, on Android smartphones across the country.

As a security solutions company, we realized that security is no longer about the hardware. A successful company know that future is about value-added services and trust. In line with this, we launched Zicom Security as a Service in 2011 and have seen a fantastic response to our offering to the tune of INR 48 crore of revenues as compared to INR 33 crore in FY2014-15. MYCS contributed partly to this growth, however, to put things in perspective, MYCS has just been rolled out in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Pune. The rest of India remains untapped. We understand why people and corporations are rapidly adopting Zicom Care. VSaaS can stand in for security guards, who often get tired. VSaaS does not tire out and fall asleep. Remotely managed access control and video surveillance offerings are practical, affordable and technically feasible, and your company is perfectly positioned to disrupt the market.

Our fire safety solution businesses in the Middle East have been under pressure during the year due to the continued slump in crude prices. To address this challenge, your company has shifted its focus to the service and maintenance business to ensure steady cash flows going forward. We have also set up our assembly facility for Unisafe branded products which will be marketed and distributed in the Middle East region. With the 40 year legacy Unisafe Dubai has in the fire safety sector, we are confident of good growth in this vertical.

On behalf of the entire Zicom team, I’m sincerely thankful to all stakeholders and well-wishers for sticking with us through a challenging year. With your support, we are confident of scaling new heights in the coming years.

Manohar Bidaye