Mr. Pramoud Rao

Managing Director


Dear Shareholders,

Zicom has been the pioneer in the electronic security industry in India. In 1994, Zicom was the first company in India to launch electronic security solutions. In 1995, we launched the first Central Monitoring Station (CMS) in the country. Although, we faced challenging times in the past 20 years to create awareness about security solutions and their importance, having a first mover advantage in this industry has given us good insight into the security needs of the Indian consumer and these lessons learnt and efforts spent are now reaping rich dividends for the company.

The new buzzword in the industry today is ‘Internet of Things’ in which automated smart devices that are connected to the internet have improved efficiency compared to traditional systems. Similarly, Zicom has upgraded its traditional video surveillance offerings to provide dramatically increased capabilities, effectiveness, and return on investment. Our Zicom Security as a Service (SaaS) vertical was launched in 2012, and has already achieved over 15,000 installations across the country today.

Under this vertical, we provide remote monitoring services through our 24/7 Zicom Command Centre, and also offer other video analytics services like e-Count which offers footfall solutions for retail stores such as McDonalds and Blackberry, remote fire and intruder alarm monitoring services. We have also recently started e-Track services through which we offer location tracking and monitoring services of children for schools and parents.

To keep ahead of the curve, we are also shifting focus from ensuring the best product for the customer to ensuring the best experience and service for the customer. Through the soon to be launched ‘Zicom Care’, we will be able to connect to and provide all of India with our security services irrespective of the hardware device. Our strategy is clear, to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction through the brand they trust the most – Zicom.

In conclusion, we are very excited and confident about the future growth prospects of our company, we believe we are better placed today than anyone else to capture this opportunity. I believe what we are building today will see longer lasting relationships and improved profitability in the future.