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Farce & Falsity of the Chinese Thermal Gun

In the Unlock phase, with people moving out of their home premises, one thing that’s seen everywhere is the temperature check gun. Gosh! The toy gun on your head measuring your temperature and giving you a green signal to move ahead, life’s taken a 360-degree turn with the Coronavirus fear all over. Is this all that we need to stay cautious during this pandemic situation?

The accuracy of these Chinese guns is highly debatable and calls for immediate attention. It’s not medically certified, using them to measure human temperature is an area of high concern due to its ineffectiveness and inaccuracy.The thermometer has proved in several conditions, a complete farce with heightened absurdities. Though the mechanism using the infrared sensor has a definitive process by which temperature check is attained, ideally the gun was meant to be used indoors to check a baby’s temperature, but with the pandemic spreading panic everywhere, the demand suddenly exploded overnight and its use multiplied unexpectedly.

The futility of using these guns has proof in the fact that these guns were the primary source of spotting infections at airports. This gives a clear enough indication to why the infection spread so far and wide.

In cases where the person doesn’t show any symptoms of the fatal disease, this device is absolutely worthless. The thermometer gun would not be able to detect any anomalies if the person affected doesn’t show any symptoms, in spite of being infected by the virus. This goes on to say that these thermometer guns do not provide accurate estimates of the infected people.

With the global Coronavirus up to the hilt,the thermometer gun has become a new normal at all public places. Wherever we go, the security guards or the allocated staff does this exercise of measuring temperatures; it is a sight we have to learn to live with and of course abide by the same. By any means, God forbid, if we are caught in the radar of high temperature, we will have to face those abandoned looks and leave the premise immediately, as we won’t be granted entry to that particular premise come what may! Innocent people are surely at gunpoint; like it or detest it;this has become a way of life!

Moreover, the feature of non-contact of this device makes it an iconic design object, giving it an interesting angle, supposedly preferable in this peculiar Covid situation, where contactless has become a rage, a new normal so to say!The device can measure someone’s surface temperature without needing to touch them, thus eliminating contamination risk, at least in theory. But spare a thought to the man guard doing his duty, what if he is infected screening hundreds of visitors each day? He could pass on the virus innocently to every visitors he screens.

The distance and environment is crucial in the use of these guns. It makes no sense if the accuracy of these primary factors is not maintained strictly and systematically.

The infrared thermometer works using an infrared sensor. The sensor measures surface temperature from a distance without touching the skin. It measures the temperature by pointing the center of the forehead. You have to hold it approximately 3 cm from the body surface.The infrared thermometer measures the heat emanating from the surface of a person’s body. If it is not held close enough to a person’s forehead, it would give very low readings.Alternately, if it is too close, it will give off a high temperature reading.

Environment matters. So if the road is too dusty, the heat is too high or if you have taken a medication to suppress the fever, it won’t work.

Some of these devices have been found to be of extremely low quality and the readings highly questionable and astounding!

Moreover, why rely on anything made in China in the wake of the current Indo-China crisis?Additionally, with the call for Vocal for Local creating huge waves across the country, it’s high time we look for corrective and safe measures to fight the fierce effect of the pandemic. If we fail at the precautionary stage itself, cure will be too afar. It’s time to introspect and arrive at a conclusion, and accordingly employ ways by means of swift action and accurate measures in the right direction.

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