7″Color Standalone VDP with Automatic Video Recording

7″ Color Video Door Phone with Automatic Video Recording

  • 7″Color Standalone VDP
  • Support SD Card,-FN7DS
  • In-built 4 GB storage
  • Two-way communication
  • Automatic Video Recording
  • Supports motion-based video recording


• 7″Color Standalone VDP with Automatic Video Recording
• Support SD Card,-FN7DS.
• Wattage: 20 watts,
• Operating Voltage: 12 volts
• Material: ABS Plastic,
• Color: Black Item
• Dimension: 300 mm x 167 mm x 63 mm
• Package Contents: Video Door Phone 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer
from date of purchase 7-inch color TFT Screen Two way communication Supports motion
based video recording In-built 4 GB storage Ultra-thin and elegant design
• Wattage:- 20Watts Item
• Weight:- 1500Grams Media Format Digital video:- SD card


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