Facial Attendance System

Facial Attendance System

Key Features

  • High verification speed
  • Advanced and user-friendly UI
  • New Framework firmware, easy to extend functions and customize client’s requirements
  • One face template is registered for one user & 3 Finger
  • Built in Access Control



Smart Sensor Starter Kit with 2 Sensors

Not all locations require video monitoring, especially when it comes to the inside of your house. That’s why we have developed this sensor kit to help add some vital security without video. Simply connect the included sensors to the Lorex Sensor Hub, which pairs with the Lorex Home mobile app, and you will know the moment any motion is detected by the motion sensor or if a door or window has been opened with push notifications. The Lorex Sensor Hub can accommodate up to ten sensors, so feel free to expand this kit with additional sensors to any spots around your house you want to add some indoor security while maintaining your privacy.


Technical Specifications

Max. User 1,000
Face template capacity 1,000
Fingerprint template capacity 3,000
Log capacity 60,000
Password Capacity 1,000
ID card capacity 1,000
Authentication Modes Face/Fingerprint/Password/Card/Face+ Password Fingerprint + Password/Card+ Password
Interface USB host, USB slave, TCP/IP
LCD Interface 2.8” TFT color screen 320X240 pixel
Operating Voltage DC 12V/3A
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Operating humidity 20% ~ 80%RH
Dimensions (mm) 145 X 175 X 80mm
Verification time <0.5 Second (1:N)
Battery Backup Yes
Access Control Yes (Lock, Push Button, Card Reader)
Sensor 600DPI
FRR 0.001%
FAR 0.00001%
Identification Time <0.1 Sec


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