Safe°T Access

Safe°T Access

Key Features

  • 2.4″ TFT Color Display & Capacitive Touch Sense Keypad
  • IP-65, ABS Plastic, Various Beep Sound Indication
  • Various Beep Sound Indication
  • Restricts access if body temperature of an individual is above normal levels
  • Mifare, EM, HID Iclass & HID Prox
  • TCP/IP, Wiegand.No of user Up to 40,000 & trasation up to 1,00,000


Technical Specifications

Smart Credential Access Control with Temperature Detection

  • Combines TCP-IP based single door access control with in-built card based credentials (Mifare/EM/HID ICLASS/HID Proxy)
  • Precision Infrared Wrist Temperature Sensor for temperature screening which detects temperature accurately at non-contact distance of upto 5 cm.
  • Reduces cost of ownership by extending life of existing system controller and hardware
  • This device redefines credential management for access control systems

smartCoWork-TA1-Measure,Match & Go!!

  • Truly non-contact method of next generation access control and attendance terminal with alarm function for abnormal body temperatures
  • The device features fast and precise temperature screening, coupled with astute TCP/IP based door access controller which helps individuals to have hassle free contact-less access/attendance.
  • Restricts access of person if temperature sensor detects abnormal temperature values which gets displayed on 2.4″ TFT display of the controller/reader.


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